How to install the NULL-Device on Windows XP Embedded

For some Applications you need the NULL-Device, but it isn't installed on Windows XP Embedded or Windows FLP. Here's a tutorial how to install it:

  1. First you must have the file "null.sys" in this folder:
  2. %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers
    If you don't have this file you can copy it from another Windows installation or from a Windows CD. The filesize is 4,50 KB (4.608 bytes).
  3. Then you need some entries in your registry. Download this file:
    Doubleclick on it and select Yes.
  4. If you get an error message you have to change permissions in your registry. Otherwise jump to 5.
    Start->Run...->Enter "regedit"->OK
    Rightclick to this key:
    and select Permissions...:

    Now give Everyone Full Control:

  5. Now run the file "null.reg" again. You shouldn't get an error message this time. You should reset the permissions now.
  6. Restart your PC.
The NULL-Device should work now.

Content of null.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="Non-Plug and Play Drivers"








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