Reactor Town by Iren Masot for Config electricity mod by Plastik modded by erik v2

I made this to see how well I could do in making my own reactor, and I think I\\\'ve done quite well.
The reactor is pretty well-built (owing to how long I spent working kinks out of the design here and there) and it can run for a long time without any intervention.
I\\\'ve run it for 12 hours without touching it, and the only problem now is that the heatpad wears through.
Oh, and you may need to increase your monitor resolution to be able to see the whole thing.

It\\\'s got a self start system. The red box filled with green in the house is a switch, just turn it on and the reactor will start itself.
The reactor on the left is just to get the whole thing started; the one on the right(with the nucwater) is the main reactor. There\\\'s a switch next to the main reactor that\\\'s been left off; it activates the self-destruct.
The last thing you need to know is that there\\\'s an automatic shutoff for when the heatpad wears through too far either towards the laser or towards the nucwater. (there are 2 of them, one in the chimney next to the main reactor that lets the radiowav out and the other is right beneath the laser array).
They automatically flood the main reactor with nucwater, which neutralizes the uranium and shuts the reactor down.

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