THE BEST NUKES FOUND HERE, BEST EXPLOSIONS WITH ELECTRICTY PACK AND MORE!!!!!!! by Vioxtar...Master of Sand... created for Version BS1 and if you would like to put it on BS2 just add it in \"Elements\"

This is so far the best explosion and electricity mod you have ever seen. It includes the most realistic deadly nukes you have ever seen in BS2 or BS1 and includes an amazing exploding system. I edited many of the default elements and I added much more. It also includes an amazing electricty pack, that has generators, wires (that need to be covered with rubber). I have tried to make everything look as much realistic as it can get. Also includes \"Element X\" (found in liquids) that has a reaction to almost every element. It may take some time for you to find all the secret elements I hid, but it sure is fun. For example if you mix liquid cera with glue you will get \"TNT2\" that when touched by electricty creates a really cool Electric explosion. Mix TNT2 with \"BSKILLER\" and you will get the best nuke you\'ll ever see. Also includes a nuke missile in the \"Clear\" group... hehehe... and this is just a tiny part of the mod.

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