Fish Mod v3.1 by weakthewimp created for Version 0.99b Beta 7 (2007-03-20)

Most likely my final version of my fish mod. Heres a brief guide to the mod:
Fish-basic element of this game. They turn green when they get hungry and if you dont feed them theyll turn red which means theyre sick. Eaten by sharks.
Shark-eats fish and parasite (but dies soon after eating parasite.)
Plankton-an alternative fish food. Cannot eat anything.
Eel-when a shark touches their yellow tail the shark becomes stunned. Cannot be eaten and does not eat.
Parasite-multiplies quickly and can infect fish (and only fish.) Infected fish become white and eventually die. Killed by cure (aid is a cure source.)
Filter eats dead fish waste. Cleaner is a filter that shoots out cleaning elements. Food filter eats any food flakes that it touches.
The rest of the elements are merely decorations.

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