Firework Mod v3 + Color Fire Mod by weakthewimp created for Version 0.99b Beta 7 (2007-03-20)

I decided to get rid of the bombs and focus on the firework elements.
Ok, Im really tired :/, but here it goes.
The first group of fireworks are the ones that shoot straight up. Before you use them place a line of limit going from left to right at the top of the screen, when the fireworks hit the limit they explode. The first element is the single fireworks and the second element is that colors source.
The second group are the sparklers, nothing special to use them, just drop them anywhere.. each color has its own and the \"spark\" is a mixture of all the colors in one sparkler.
The third group are something i really enjoyed playing with (after i hated making them). Theyre firework containers,kind of like pipe, just make a big circle of them and enjoy, but they do have limited ammo, so underneath every color is its own ammo generator.. just put it inside of the circle for unlimited ammo.
The last group are explosion sources,i cant come up with a good explanation because im tired but use them and youll immediately know what they do. Enjoy!

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