Potion Mod by andreas369 created for Version 7

How to make fruit waters:

Mix the juice with freshwater. You can also do this with angel and devil blood.

How to make dragon claw paste (Beginner)

Mix Powdered dragon claw with freshwater.

How to make liquid metals (Beginner)

Mix powdered gold or silver with fresh water.


Lesser Grade Potion (Degrades things like wall, ice, GasII to their lower forms.)

Mix Orange WATER with mushroom spores, then with melted crystal. Finally, mix with holy water.

Exploding Potion (Explodes with contact with fire)

Mix angel water with devil water, then carrot water. Finally, add fire water.

more pots

Lesser Grade Potion (Orange Juice>Freshwater>Mushroom Spore>Melted Crystal>Holy Water)

Metal Acid (Metal Plate) Potion (Lemon Juice>Freshwater+Orange Juice>Freshwater=Lemon&Orange Water>Devil

Metal Plate (Earth, Wall) Potion (Lime Juice>Freshwater>Mushroom Spore>Powdered Gold>Powdered Silver

Duplication Potion (Lemon Juice>Lime Juice>Powdered Unicorn Horn>Powdered Dragon Claw+Freshwater=Dragon Claw

Earth Acid Potion (Powdered Gold>Freshwater+Powdered Silver>Freshwater=Electrum ^ Powdered Dragon Claw+

Demon Potion (Powdered Gold>Freshwater>Holywater>Angel Blood>Melted Crystal)

i have made all the Potions in the \'user saves games\' have fun =) love ya!

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