electricity mod by plastik modded by Erik by Erik created for Version 0,99

some improvements, like:
nuclear explosion- when uranium r uraniumliq touches explosion you have a nuclear explossion!
smoke+ Filter- speaks for itself
liquid nitrogen- makes things liquid
nucelar water- you can make it with water and deepuranium, yu destill it with laser... (it can be steam 2 when you heat it)
nitrogen condenser- you can guess wat it does
gasII generator- makes gas II
nuclear water generatr- makes nuclear water
gassencor- goes on when it touches gas
realistic explosins (little bigger)

you can find ut the reactions by yourself,
this mod makes it a little bit harder 2 make a nuclear reactor and makes it possible 2 make a gas powerplant...

i make a few save games 2 explain some more things

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