Burning Overload Version 2.2 by ForsakenBob created for Version V 2.2

I haven\'t added too much in this one, but I have made some huge improvements to the game.

- FireWorks don\'t suck
- The Star Wars Mod now runs about 3X faster(it\'s meant to be played at full speed) and I\'m working on speeding it up even more. On the downside, the planets don\'t look as cool, but I think it\'s worth it.
- Plants have been improved again. Put some seeds in Earth and watch them grow(think Chia Pets)
- Fungus, as promised. Put a few spores on some of those nasty indestructible plants, and they won\'t be quite so indestructible anymore...

I\'m looking for some Artists to make icons, I can\'t offer money, however I will gladly post your name up here, and can perhaps make a few custom mods ;)

For anyone interested, email me, Zonker117@yahoo.com

As always, if anyone has any questions at all, even stupid ones, or suggestions(preferably not stupid ones) email me - Zonker117@yahoo.com

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