Star Wars Mod by ForsakenBob created for Version Star Wars 1.0

I used some of Deus Dominor\'s Evolution code for this mod, hoe you don\'t mind. Also, I have the Killer Cloud, Stars, Poison(changed a bit) and Destroyer Mods loaded in here, I\'m just too lazy to remove them.

Anyway, the main point of this Mod is the Star Wars feature. Basically you can create two kinds of Planets, Red and Blue. Humans develop on each planet, and build Spaceships, which can turn Earth into more planets for the corresponding color. The Red Spaceships will kill Blue Spaceships, and Vice Versa. They will also destroy each other\'s planets. For fun, I added in a Sun, which basically eats spaceships, and Acid will become an Acid Gas when heated. I\'m going to fine tune this mod a bit more, so check in for later versions!

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